Clip to fit Blinds

These look great and can be used in almost any room.

Inherintly child safe as well.


Blinds that can be clipped into window frames. No driiling. Particularly usefull for doors and inward opening windows. 


These can sometimes fit Bi-fold doors where nothing else will work.

I can supply two different systems.

Intu - By Eclipse

Perfect fit - By Louvolite


Two slightly different systems that achieve the same. Blinds fitted without the need to drill holes in your window frames or surroudings. 


This will also leave your window boards clear for ornaments and photos


Two systems can use the following -

  • Aluminium venetian blinds - Great for controlling light and privacy - Many different colours and textures available.
  • Pleated blinds - Two great ranges available - Many with coatings that can help control heat and light.
  • Roller blinds - Many different materials available.
  • The Perfect fit system by Louvolite can also be fitted with wooden venetian blinds.


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John Hibberd